Celiac disease - gut health, microbiome

If only 3 in 100 people who carry the gene for celiac disease get it, the answer is why do they get it and others don't?

The answer appears to be that there is a cascading trigger (as with other autoimmune diseases) that causes Celiac Disease.

Triggers can include:
🔹Gastrointestinal infection
🔹Frequent use of antibiotics
🔹Western diet (saturated fatty acids, simple carbs, etc.)

All of these "triggers" cause dysbiosis and dysbiosis is directly linked to autoimmune diseases and Celiac Disease specifically.

Can Celiac Disease be put into remission? The quick answer for a strict gluten-free diet appears to be "yes," but 30% of people on a gluten-free diet don't go into remission.

We strongly suggest that by combining a healthy lifestyle (including a gluten-free diet, especially initially) with thoroughly cleaning out the gut, correcting Treg dysfunction, making significant improvements to the gut barrier, and significantly reducing inflammation one can decrease immune activation resulting in better immune tolerance. One cannot continue to eat garbage and fix the gut (no matter how effective the gut health protocol is).

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