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Brain fog can be addressed through improved gut health - probiotics, cleanse, immunoglobulins

The first time I personally paid any attention to the usage of “brain fog” was when Tiffany said she no longer had it.⁠
From my memory, one of the most noticeable things I remember Tiffany saying about doing better with her gut health had nothing to do with her gut health (or so I thought). At that time, I was not aware of how much the gut affects the brain.⁠
When Tiffany aggressively started using the Gut Rehab Kit (Cleanse & Ultimate Probiotic) following some Hashimoto’s flares and hormone imbalances she was having her first sign that things were improving was the loss of brain fog.⁠
While there are many factors that can contribute to brain fog, addressing one issue can for sure help reduce it: improving gut health.⁠
Please start in the right spot with gut health. Address gut health aggressively and move on with life.⁠

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