Bloating & Gas? 4 tips to optimize digestion - Digestive Enzymes, probiotics

Ever wondered how to optimize digestion?

There are many different causes for bloating/gas. It’s important to get to the underlying causes, however, these tips can support foundational principles everyone with a digestive system needs to know.

These foundational tips are enough for some bodies. Others need a more personalized therapeutic approach such as using digestive enzymes, probiotics, or a gut health tune up kit.

4 tips to optimize digestion include:

💧 Adequate hydration (1/2 of your body weight in ounces of water/day). Good hydration can help support bowel movements by adding bulk and increase digestive secretions.

🧠 Eat with all of your senses. Digestion starts in the brain when we think about and smell our food.
Close out distractions and pay attention to your meals.

🧘‍♀️ Stess shuts down digestion, so plan for peaceful meal times and avoid eating on the go. If this is not possible, stick to easily digestible foods such as smoothies and soups.

👄 Chewing secretes digestive enzymes, takes stress off of other digestive organs, and increases satiety.

Which of these tips have you tried? Let us know below!

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