Bloat & Gas Relief enzymes for FODMAP foods - gut health, IBS, SIBO, FODMAP

Both SIBO and IBS come with a lot of gas and bloating. IBS and SIBO sufferers have an excess of gas-producing bacteria, which can exacerbate problems such as bloating, abdominal pain, and flatulence.

While the long-term course of action is to build back digestive capacity for foods containing FODMAP and address the imbalances leading to excessive gas-producing bacteria being present, there are key enzymes that are effective at helping a person enjoy a certain degree of food freedom while helping with the problems that take longer to improve.

There is a secret to taking these enzymes (and all enzymes for that matter):
1) Take them right before each meal or at the beginning of meals that may contain FODMAP foods
2) Take enough of them. A single capsule will work well for a small amount of FODMAPs. If you are tackling a night out with friends and/or family with a good size meal, please consider 3 capsules before or at the beginning of that meal.

Note: Be mindful, FODMAPs are not the only things causing bloating in many people with SIBO and IBS. Low stomach acid, an inflamed stomach lining, slow gastric emptying, etc. are all fairly common in people with gut issues and each of these can cause bad bloating too.

So, what helps enhance digestive capacity for foods containing FODMAP?
Probiotic strains like B. coagulans (found in Ultimate Probiotic) that help improve enzyme production. That being said, I would strongly encourage you to wait a bit before taking probiotics when working on a protocol that helps with IBS and SIBO. I would not start with them.

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