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Next time you buy a probiotic, flip it around and check the label to see what's in it.

Given the fact that the strains may be completely different from probiotic to probiotic that may be a good indicator that assuming all of them are the same is like assuming all food is the same (it may be like assuming sugar and prebiotic fiber are both the same because they are both technically carbohydrates.)

By definition, probiotics are a mixture of live bacteria and/or yeast that live in the body and that should help keep you healthy. While it is debatable if most probiotics live through digestion to do much good, the definition of "probiotic" itself is extremely broad with a wide open net that catches a lot of different types of probiotics. But they are not all the same by a long stretch.

If you research what is most important to gut health you will find these things (and your probiotic needs to address each of them):
1️⃣ BACTERIA DIVERSITY OR MICROBIAL IMBALANCES: This means a probiotic should help correct imbalances and low bacteria diversity.
2️⃣ STRONG GUT BARRIER FUNCTION: This means a probiotic should be shown to help leaky gut and do it really well, like the ability to help with a 60% improvement in 30 days.
3️⃣ CALM SYSTEM RESPONSES: Inflammation is the enemy of the body. When the body is inflamed, problems happen. A probiotic needs to target inflammatory markers and be shown to reduce them
4️⃣ NORMAL IMMUNE RESPONSE: An overactive immune system is a big problem. A probiotic needs to help "really" manage the immune system daily. Guess what causes an overactive immune system? Imbalances, a weak gut barrier, and inflammation.

People ask all the time how do I compare the probiotics I use vs other brands. I don't try anymore because the comparison isn't a comparison when the strains are completely different. Like 🍎 and 🍊.

Choose your probiotics wisely. They are not all the same.

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