Asthma - gut health, immune system

Where did your asthma come from (slide 2)?
What causes it to go crazy (anything that hurts the gut)?
What do you do about it?

I think it is very safe to say that poor gut health (whether you know it or not and whether you feel like you have poor gut health or not) affects the immune system, which in turn causes asthma and allergy issues.

Stress, poor diet, irritants, allergies, infections, viruses (cold/flu/COVID), and gut issues can all cause asthma problems.

What's the answer?
1) Clean up the gut.
2) Strengthen the gut barrier (mucus layer, mucosal barrier, epithelial layer).
3) Decrease inflammatory processes.
4) Decrease immune activation.

The severity of each of these issues determines what you should do for your gut.

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