Food Freedom Kit-Struggling with food intolerances but want to enjoy your favorite meals? This kit is for you!

Food avoidance in its entirety is miserable. Choosing to eat healthy and carefully is a wonderful thing…most of the time. Being forced to avoid food due to severe digestive consequences during special events is not so wonderful.
We wanted to provide a solution to that.
Here’s how to fight back:
1. Take really good enzymes to break down every possible food type assuming that everything can possibly be the cause of issues. Some guess that they only have a gluten or dairy issue. Guessing results in missed coverage. Experience says that people with one intolerance typically have others.
2. One can’t overdose on enzymes but one can underdose them. Imagine buying car insurance for 25% coverage. Taking 25% of the required dosing to break down all the food eaten is a recipe for stomach problems. For small snacks only a little is needed. For a full meal more is needed. For a large full meal, a lot is needed.
3. Trying to buy car insurance after a wreck has happened to cover the damage is like taking enzymes the pain has started. It is too late. Take enzymes right before the meal or at the beginning of the meal. It takes two seconds.
4. Don’t underestimate low stomach acid and slow digestion. These two issues result in all kinds of stomach discomforts.
I’ll probably need to suggest this in all my posts that mention gluten so here we go:
I am not suggesting gluten is healthy or something to be eaten. I am not suggesting a person go off of a
gluten-free diet. I am suggesting that trace amounts of gluten are found in all kinds of gluten-free foods
and in items one wouldn’t know has trace amounts of gluten. I am suggesting that people that don’t
think they have gluten issues may and those issues may manifest in problems like heartburn and indigestion. I am suggesting that there is an enzyme scientifically shown to break down gluten in the stomach.
There is Food Freedom. It requires a high dose of all enzymes and ingredients known to get foods through the system efficiently in a comfortable manner.

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