Addressing SIBO at the root cause can make a drastic difference-stomach acid, slow digestion, probiotics, immunoglobulins, gut health

SIBO is a situation we get asked about daily. These steps are the way to knock out SIBO for good. Most people only address the bacteria overgrowth and miss what’s causing the bacteria overgrowth in the first place (low stomach acid and slow motility/dysmotility).⁠
When circumstances (bacteria imbalances, medications,⁠
stress, diet, etc.) “…slows the passage of food and waste products in the digestive tract, creating a breeding ground for bacteria." ⁠
A person can attack bacteria all day long but until they address motility and stomach acid the problem will continue to come back over and over again.⁠
Steps 1 and 2 require high dosing for 90 days to both get things moving again (NOT DIARRHEA) and to calm down the issues. Step 3 requires normal dosing for an extended period of time to make things remain calm and get better.⁠

Note: For those with FODMAP food issues please consider FODMAP enzymes. The right true probiotics will build up one’s ability (increase enzyme production) to break down FODMAP foods on their own. That takes about 6-9 months on the probiotics. In the interim, rather than suffering please consider FODMAP enzymes. They work amazing when taken in the right doses at the beginning of meals.⁠
If someone is curious about how to do these steps, please shoot us a DM!⁠⁠

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