9 ways to improve gut health & 7 issues they may cause - probiotics, prebiotics, fermented foods

These are 4 of the craziest statements I hear all the time that make no sense for someone with serious gut problems or as a long-term eating lifestyle choice:
1️⃣ “Just load up on fruits, vegetables, and fermented food.”
2️⃣ “Start by taking probiotics and prebiotics”
3️⃣ “Follow the carnivore diet. I have done that for years, and I feel great”
4️⃣ Food avoidance is the long-term solution
As many can attest, there are many fruits, vegetables, beans, and fermented foods that can really hurt to eat. FACT.
As many can attest, probiotics and prebiotics can hurt like crazy when taken at the wrong time in the gut health process. FACT.
A diverse microbiome is the key to health. The fibers, prebiotics, and polyphenols found in fruits and vegetables are very important to a healthy microbiome. Common sense and science suggest a good diversity of healthy foods is best for the body and the microbiome. FACT.
In my opinion, food avoidance reliance leads to more food avoidance reliance and doesn’t help address why foods are causing issues in the first place. While it is wise to avoid triggering gut issues while trying to correct gut issues, food freedom is the goal not food avoidance (in my opinion). OPINION

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