Hashimotos - gut health, autoimmune

Other things you should know about Hashimoto's:

1) Women are 7 times more likely to get Hashimoto's
2) Hashimoto's is most likely to occur during middle age, typically between the ages of 40 and 60.
3) No gene has been found to carry it but it does seem to run in families
4) Other autoimmune issues increase the risk for Hashimoto's
5) Altered microbiota composition, too few short-chain fatty acids, and increased serum LPS levels (marker for leaky gut) are shown to be directly linked to Hashimoto's

You may not know this but our owner has Hashimoto's. It was a big problem for her: hair loss, joint pain, brain fog, etc. We had to figure out how to drive this issue down, and we did. Years later, her Hashimoto's is still in remission. She still tests positive for Hashimoto's but does not have the symptoms with it.
She eats gluten. She lives normal without all the Hashimoto's problems.

Her "secret" for keeping her Hashimoto's issues at bay now is 3-steps:
(1) She maintains gut health at all times
(2) She takes immunoglobulins daily
(3) At first signs of sickness, stress, or feeling run down she immediately doubles her dose of immunoglobulins and MucoSave®
(4) She actively works to manage her stress load. Stress too can affect thyroid hormone levels. Stress affects the immune system. As a mother of 5 active children with a business to run, she is not ever going to be without stress. She does take Stress Complex. She does exercise. And she does actively try to compartmentalize her life to allow her brain to have time to relax.

If you would like to know how Silver Fern™ actively approaches Hashimoto's to decrease immune activation and improve immune tolerance (science supported and shown to work), DM us #Autoimmune.

If you'd like to know how Tiff manages her stress to help prevent autoimmune issues, DM us #Stress.

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