5 reasons you can't lose weight - gut health, metabolism

The ups and downs of trying to manage my weight was MISERABLE. The older I got the tougher it was to lose the weight too. Holiday weight gain used to plague me every year like a bad head cold that never ended. From October to January 2nd I'd gain between 10 and 15 lbs. per year for about 20 years. Then from January-May I'd do various diets to drop it. I think over the years I have tried every diet, program, and drug available (not semaglutide, though).

Btu this has changed. Now, I don't count calories. I don't diet. I don't count carbs really (I don't stack them either though). I don't avoid carbs. I don't avoid food. I'm not on any drugs for weight loss. I don't kill myself at the gym. And I have not been this lean since my 20s. I don't even worry about it that much anymore. It is really nice. It is one less thing to concern myself over.

Weight loss isn't necessarily a hot topic with this community, you're here more for the gut health info. We are not a weight/fitness brand. But if I could explain how each of these points may be helpful for improving your relationship with food and weight would you be interested? I'd just explain areas that may help. That's all. No programs or diets for sale. Nothing like that. Just suggestions to consider.

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