Psoriasis: What's the gut connection? - gut health, autoimmune

Let's nerd out. 🤓

Roughly 70%+ of your immune system is located in your gut.

Since the microbiome and the immune system are strongly linked, the gut determines the education the immune cells get.

A diverse and healthy microbiome results in a stronger gut barrier, less inflammation, and fewer health issues (like psoriasis).

While psoriasis is genetic, it is the health of the immune system that makes it all happen. If you pair genetics for psoriasis with poor gut health you have the recipe for achieving psoriasis. A strong immune system is still the answer.

Further, anything that is going to hammer your gut health can then in turn hammer your immune system which may trigger psoriasis (stress/anxiety, smoking, cold weather, antibiotics, poor diet, cold/flu, etc.).

Since psoriasis sits alongside autoimmune problems and is also an overactive immune system issue, the answer for helping it is to:
âś… Decrease immune activation by cleaning up the gut
âś… Strengthen the gut barrier
âś… Reduce inflammation
âś… Return the immune system to its proper function

Obviously, everyone is different so your starting point to help with your psoriasis issues will vary from others.

Generally speaking, for skin issues associated with the gut w/o other major gut issues we like the use of the immunity protocol. You can check out our Immunity Protocol here.

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