3 proven ways to help leaky gut - gut health, probiotics, immunoglobulins, prickly pear cactus

Yes, there are ingredients shown to reduce the biomarkers of leaky gut (aka LPS and various inflammatory markers). ⁠
Yes, these ingredients can start to work right away. ⁠
Yes, these ingredients also address intestinal permeability issues. ⁠

“The intestinal barrier includes surface mucus, epithelial layer, and immune defenses.” ⁠

When I reference leaky gut, I am also referring to the mucosal barrier not just the epithelial layer and immune defenses. ⁠

Combining these ingredients is proven by clinical research to address the full complete picture behind leaky gut problems. ⁠

A good gut health protocol should address the full scope of leaky gut contributors and mechanisms for helping the entire intestinal barrier get well again. ⁠

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