Managerial probiotics are key to addressing constipation long-term - gut health, probiotics, IBS, SIBO

Are managerial probiotics key to addressing constipation long-term? YES. ⁠

Should all long-term gut management protocols include probiotic strains like B. coagulans and P. acidilactici? YES. ⁠

Do gut managerial probiotics help with a lot more than just constipation? YES. ⁠

If you have SIBO, IBS, bad bloating, bad gas, and brain fog should you start with probiotics? NO. ⁠

If you are curious why we don’t start with probiotics when bloating, gas, or brain fog are involved just ask. I’m happy to respond. Here are some links to explain it though: ⁠⁠ ⁠

There is a time and order to gut health. When in doubt, please ask. ⁠

If you are taking a probiotic, it should also help with the big 3 underlying issues of most digestive gut problems:⁠
1. Bacteria imbalances ⁠
2. Inflammatory issues⁠
3. Leaky gut/increased intestinal permeability ⁠

Your probiotic strains should have scientific clinical research supporting that they address these 3 things. ⁠

The quality of the probiotics you take matters. Look at the strains in your probiotic. Not all strains offer broad-spectrum gut health assistance. ⁠

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