Your probiotic should do more than just introduce bacteria - gut health, microbiome

How do you choose a good probiotic? It's a really common question we get asked all the time.⁠

The strains in your probiotic need to:⁠
✅ drive out pathogens⁠
✅ increase beneficial metabolites⁠
✅ improve microbial balance⁠
✅ help increase microbial diversity⁠

If your probiotic isn't doing all of this then it may not be the best option available. ⁠

At Silver Fern™ Brand, we really like to understand the mechanism of action for how our products work and help. We like to know what strains do and don't do. ⁠

And in some instances, we don't suggest people start with probiotics at all. If you have any questions, please ask us. ⁠

If you are looking for a really good probiotic, please choose wisely. Not all probiotics are the same. ⁠

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