You NEED this in conjunction with DAO enzymes - gut health, histamine intolerance, catalase, DAO enzymes

What you may NOT know about DAO enzymes: ⁠

As you know if you follow us, the true keys to addressing histamine intolerances are:⁠
1) Strengthen the mucosal barrier in the small intestine where DAO enzymes are secreted⁠
2) Bind and eliminate or kill pathogenic super-producing bacteria like Klebsiella⁠

Catalase reduces the toxicity of hydrogen peroxide (which is a by-product) of DAO. ⁠

But what if you need DAO enzyme help now? ⁠

Combine them with Catalase to decompose the by-product (hydrogen peroxide) of the DAO enzymes resulting in a healthier intestinal mucosa and is considered the "non-toxic" approach to improving help with IBD and other inflammatory problems. ⁠

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