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Why should your probiotic include S. Boulardii? - gut health, probiotics, SIBO, IBS, UC, diarrhea, leaky gut

S. boulardii is used to help a wide variety of gastrointestinal problems.
Not only does it help increase production of things like DAO for histamine degradation, but S. boulardii is said to help Crohn’s, IBS, UC, diarrhea, dysbiosis, SIBO, inflammation, etc.
It is also shown to help prevent antibiotic associated gut dysbiosis (bacteria imbalances).
When someone asks which strains I suggest for a person before, during, or after antibiotic use, S. boulardii is on that list along with B. coagulans, B. clausii, and B. subtilis.
If you are looking for a strain with a lot to offer (like a lot), S. boulardii should be on the list. If your probiotic doesn’t include this strain, you may want to reconsider your probiotic.


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