5 Reasons you want B. Clausii in your probiotic - gut health, probiotics, leaky gut, IBS, allergies

Struggling with allergies, upper respiratory infections, leaky gut, and/or general gut problems? B. Clausii is here to help.
B. clausii is a spore-forming bacterium. It inhibits the growth of pathogens and restores the balance of the intestinal bacterial flora.
Some suggest that B. clausii can reduce the severity of IBS symptoms by as much as 50%.
And it's a great manager for upper respiratory tract infections, allergies (hay fever), and diarrhea in children.
B. clausii is one of the big 3 bacillus species (strains) we love at Silver Fern™ Brand for a wide variety of reasons.
(Note: B. clausii is antibiotic resistance to common antibiotics and the resistance is not transferrable to other organisms)

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