Why NOT H2 blockers for reflux and heartburn? - gut health, digestion, acid blockers

Why would you focus on blocking acid secretion if too much stomach acid isn't the issue? (What if the issue is inflammation, low stomach acid, gastroparesis, obesity, etc.?)

But let's assume your issues are too much stomach acid.
Let's look at H2 blockers anyway.

They are not as strong as PPIs so they are considered to be safer for long-term use. They are inexpensive. They are effective. They are easy to find. Doctors prescribe them a lot and the FDA has found them safe for short-term use.

For bad reflux and heartburn issues though, most people end up taking PPIs. H2 blockers may be a good short-term help for reflux and heartburn issues.

If you want to learn more about acid reflux, please watch Aicacia's reel on reflux.

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