Why is the nasal microbiome important? - health, sinus infection, sinuses

Don't you think it was time that Silver Fern™ Brand (a gut health focused company) did something to help the microbiome of the sinuses? I do. And of all people in the world, I needed it too.

As a sufferer of a poor immune system, seasonal allergies, bad sinus infections, and bad colds/flus I was crazy excited when our science team had me testing out a new ingredient for my sinuses.

I have used Flonase and almost all sinus rinses/washes available. The Walgreens in our area knew me well. While I have liked them, I was still having sinus infections and problems.

Rather than only rinsing out the bad things in the sinuses, we at Silver Fern™ like the combination of a rinse and clean up. When I say clean up, I mean breaking apart all the nasty stuff that is growing in the microbiome of your sinuses that allows you to be so easily coughing, sneezy, drippy, congested, and tired. We all need something that will hit all the bad stuff that resides up our nose hard enough to make it go away.

What's our secret? Click here to find out.🤫

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.


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