Are antibiotics increasing your risk for future UTIs? - gut health, women's health

Antibiotics are the "go to" solution for UTIs. BUT...

What if your issues continue?

"The difference between the women who got repeated UTIs and those who didn’t, surprisingly, didn’t come down to the kind of E. coli in their intestines or even the presence of E. coli in their bladders. Both groups carried E. coli strains in their guts capable of causing UTIs, and such strains occasionally spread to their bladders."
Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis

"The real difference was in the makeup of their gut microbiomes. Patients with repeat infections showed decreased diversity of healthy gut microbial species, which could provide more opportunities for disease-causing species to gain a foothold and multiply. Notably, the microbiomes of women with recurrent UTIs were particularly scarce in bacteria that produce butyrate, a short-chain fatty acid with anti-inflammatory effects."
Washington University School of Medicine St. Louis

The take away? You better work on completely cleaning up the gut and building it up again to avoid future UTIs. You can't just kill the bad stuff with antibiotics (even though that approach is super easy and available).

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