Why doesn't your SIBO go away?

The most common way to treat SIBO is with antibiotics and diet changes, right? AKA - Kill the bacteria causing all the problems and don't eat the foods that cause bloating and gas.

How do antibiotics increase gastric juices and improve motility for someone with SIBO?

How long do people like to avoid foods and how simple is that? Sounds very difficult to follow long-term.

Why not increase natural acid production correctly, help regain normal motility, and clean out the gut w/o hammering the beneficial gut bacteria as a way to approach SIBO problems?

If high doses of immunoglobulins over 8 weeks alone can help reduce SIBO by up to 69-75%, imagine how well your results will be if you could help your body return to normal stomach acid levels, bile acid levels, and regularity? I'll bet the results would be higher than 75%.

While antibiotics have a really high success rate initially, it is suggested that roughly 65% of people have to be retreated. That's too bad. Antibiotics works so well and they work fast, right?

I'll bet if you did use antibiotics AND worked hard to address the underlying causes of SIBO, your chances of SIBO recurrence would be significantly lower.

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