What's all the buzz about erythritol? - heart attack, stroke

No, Silver Fern™ Brand does not sell anything with erythritol in it and the monk fruit we use in Reflux is all monk fruit.

But why not look at the research? From what I can find, the research is specific to measuring what is happening to people taking erythritol in higher doses from keto friendly foods and drinks. To give a comparison, a serving of Halo Top ice cream has 8 grams of sugar alcohol (erythritol) per serving and 23 grams per container. Let's face it, most people eat the whole container. LOL

The question is, what do lower doses of erythritol do? Without further research it is hard to say!

The research doesn't suggest that high doses of sugary stuff are a better option either. 🤷🏼‍♀️

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