What you should know before buying any probiotic - gut health, leaky gut, probiotics

"Most probiotics are a complete waste of money! Further, the majority of fermented foods do not contain the live cultures in them most people think and those that do have living organisms do not survive digestion. And in order for a probiotic to be a probiotic it must deliver living microorganisms. Most do not!"

This is a comment I remember when we first met the microbiologist that would eventually formulate our probiotic (btw-he is a common keynote speaker at fermentation conferences). His attitude based on about 22 years of microbiome research experience was that most probiotics were worthless. Most of them didn't even have the strains in them they suggested to have (based on research findings done in 2016) . And fermented foods were actually really good prebiotics, not probiotics.

Here's one final kicker for you. Large amounts of CFUs on bottles does not mean the product will work better either.

Probiotics do NOT fix gut issues in 2 to 4 weeks. Sorry. That does not happen. If you are expecting that I would not buy anything from anyone.

❌Common lactobacillus and bifidobacterium strains are not good to take while you are taking probiotics.

✅B. clausii helps with respiratory infections.
✅B. coagulans and S. boulardii increase enzyme production.
✅P. acidilactici reduces heavy metal toxicity.
✅B. subtilis, B. coagulans, and B. clausii together are shown to reduce leaky gut markers, as does S. boulardii.

Personally speaking, I used to get sinus infections every year. I used probiotics to help with that. I am now antibiotic free for 9 years. No sinus infections.

I used to have bad food intolerances and allergies. Now I eat what I want again.

It didn't happen overnight though. It took about 8-12 months to fully see these changes. It was not fast.

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