What if you don't know what's causing your chronic bloating? - gut health, probiotics

Are you bloated every day?🎈

Since bloating can be caused by so many various things, the best way to attack chronic bloating is to address all the causes of chronic bloating in an orderly fashion to help address it once and for all. Quick gimmicks or digestive aids are helpful, but that’s not going to address the real issues.

There are no super quick fixes for everything that can be causing your long-term chronic bloating.

FODMAP enzymes (Bloat & Gas Relief) are very helpful short-term aid with bloating issues, but this is a band aid. Enzymes in general are a band aid approach to bloating. Most “bloating aids” are quick fixes with no long-term stick. They trap you with quick help and then you are stuck on them. We don’t believe in product dependency.

The Step 1 options (for 3 different starting points) mentioned in this post are literally step 1.

To put it bluntly, if you are doing step 1 you may or may not see help with bloating, but your motility should be better, and your stomach should start to feel better. Motility is always the first step. If your bloating is due to imbalances (bacterial or fungal), this is a process not an event.

Lastly, whenever a person is rapidly trying to adjust the microbiome, there is a chance for initial discomfort. That’s just what happens when working to correct big problems. If this happens, please reduce the dosing for a week or so, drink more water, be more active, and let the issues subside then move back up to the normal dosing.

And for serious distension and bloating, always see a doctor first to make sure that there isn't something more serious.

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