What does a true gut clean up look like?

“How do I really know that I am removing actual toxins from my gut?” Use real immunoglobulin concentrates scientifically shown to remove real toxins.
Cleaning up the gut needs to be an actual real process that really removes real bad pathogens. Doing rapid flush “detox” programs aren’t typically shown to do much. If a person is trying to actually clean the gut up, then pairing immunoglobulins with true probiotics is ideal.
Together they will have a push/pull dynamic. These types of ingredients know how to selectively remove the bad things in the gut to provide room for the good stuff to thrive.

Unlike reseeding probiotics, true probiotics aggressively
exercise their antibacterial and antifungal properties (competitive exclusion) to help drive out the bad things in the gut, which is shown to provide bacteria diversity. Bacteria diversity is the key to gut health.
“And why is diversity important? A greater diversity of microorganisms in the gut microbiota is directly correlated with gut and overall health and well-being. As we have already explained before, a high degree of microbial diversity is not only desirable in humans but also in other species and the environment. Diversity is the key!”

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