What do I do about chronic constipation? - gut health, laxatives, bloating, constipation

These are the 5 keys to helping chronic constipation. ⁠

1. Real motility products take time. Laxatives are quick and addressing slow motility is...slow⁠
2. You are going to need to ease off laxatives, not suddenly jerk them away⁠
3. Real motility products do NOT form dependency issues⁠
4. Once you have regular, unforced motility you need to stabilize (reprogram) the body to become familiar with it before stopping the protocol ⁠
5. Whenever you make rapid adjustments to the gut it can cause some discomfort and side effects ⁠

If your “motility” product is loaded with senna, cascara and aloe you are taking a laxative. ⁠

If your “natural” motility product is full of magnesium carbonate, citrate, and/or oxide you are taking a laxative. ⁠

Laxatives are NOT a long-term solution to constipation. They are a crutch that perpetuates gut problems. ⁠

There are occasional, frequent, and chronic constipation problems. If you don’t have normal bowel movements without laxatives, I would suggest you are in the frequent to chronic category. ⁠

I personally prefer to go aggressive, address the issues, and then move on with life. That’s my style. I don’t like bouncing all over the place on all sorts of products. And cleaning up the gut before you have regular bowel movements won’t work well. If you have additional discomforts when you are doing a protocol, please reduce the dosing but keep going. ⁠

In this particular protocol, I would suggest reducing the Sensitive Gut Fiber first. Even though this product is low-FODMAP, some people just don’t handle any fiber well to begin with. ⁠

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