Utlimate Toxin binder IgG and Albumin - gut health, heavy metals, detox

There is only one ultimate binder that binds to both heavy metals and pathogens without binding to all of your nutrients, meds, etc.

❌️It isn't activated charcoal.

❌️It isn't colostrum.

The answer is IgG + Albumin. Combining a high concentration of IgG (with IgA and IgM) with Albumin is the ultimate binding combination for an intestinal cleanup. Albumin is a protein found in plasma. There are many benefits to albumin in your blood. When you consume albumin it stays in digestion to act as a binder.

You have asked for many years about whether or not we help with heavy metals. The answer is that we do. But we don't stop with binding to heavy metals.

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Here is our secret for cleaning up the gut:

We assume you have all pathogen imbalances then help clean them all up. Why you might ask?

Pathogen imbalances tend to come together. Candida overgrowth, for example, is caused by bacterial imbalances. If you don't go after all of them then you stand to miss the problem and end up in the same spot in 6-12 months.

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