Uprooting biofilms - gut health, candida, probiotics

Do you want to get rid of bad biofilms rooted into your system?

Antibiotics are not an effective way to uproot bad biofilms. Biofilms have a defensive barrier that protect them against antibiotics. (See references in the slides.)

So, when a person says they need to get rid of biofilms, we
(A) assume they are referencing the bad biofilms
(B) we assume people would like to uproot bad biofilms.

What uproots bad biofilms?
1️⃣ Oral immunoglobulins
2️⃣ Promoting secretory IgA production
3️⃣ A healthy mucosal barrier
4️⃣ Short-chain fatty acids (acetate specifically)

Both secretory IgA and oral IgG (and IgA) use immune and steric exclusion mechanisms "... to prevent microbial pathogens and antigens such as toxins from gaining access to the intestinal epithelium through a stepwise series of events involving agglutination, entrapment in mucus, and/or clearance through peristalsis."

A healthy mucosal barrier increases secretory IgA. Oral IgG strengthens the mucosal barrier (as do other products like MucoSave and key probiotics).

Key bacteria to increase acetate are akkermansia, prevotella and bifidobacterium. Baobab Acacia is a prebiotic that increases those key bacteria types that are the main producers of acetate.

As always with Silver Fern™ Brand, we suggest that it is tough to clear everything out if motility is slow (clogged system).

We always recommend working in this order:
1️⃣ Promote normal regularity without laxatives.*
2️⃣ Clean Up:*
3️⃣ Build Up:*
4️⃣ Build Out:*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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