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Unclog the gut before cleaning it up - gut health, constipation, probiotics, digestion, motility

How can you clean up a gut that is clogged? You don’t.
When the system is slow and constantly clogged up bad things grow. Using harsh measures to clean out a system that is clogged up very well may damage your gut lining and bacteria composition even more. 😬
Isn’t it interesting how frequently SIBO issues just don’t ever go away? That’s because motility issues aren’t addressed first. Harsh options are usually introduced, the system is fully cleaned out, and then everything bad comes back because the system is still slow.
In order for the gut to be fully cleaned up, it must first be turned on again. And when the system has been turned off (aka reliant upon laxatives for extended periods of time), it will need both more aggressive dosing of ingredients shown to help improve motility as well as time.
I find that most people with slow motility issues (constipation, always feeling full, etc.) try to address bacteria imbalances first. This is actually not the best way.
I suggest starting off with ingredients like ginger root extract (with a higher percentage of gingerols), Gutgard® Licorice Flavonoids, and artichoke leaf extract at high doses until the system has been trained to work again on its own.
Laxatives should not be stopped cold turkey but should be eased off of. Yes, magnesium citrate and magnesium oxide are natural. Yes, vitamin C is natural. But when they are used to help with motility, they then become laxatives. It is best to ease off of them over time using the herbs mentioned above.

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