Transform the gut to transform the body-weight loss, gut health, prebiotic, probiotic, cravings, metabolism

Literally speaking, a vast majority of people that engage a diet/exercise program and lose weight will regain the weight back within 5 years with usually several additional pounds as well. Bottom line, the probability of success with most exercise and diet programs is extremely low. ⁠
When the only thing that stands between eating a favorite treat each day is willpower, weight loss is inevitably going to stop. A person has to change what one desires and be happily satisfied with smaller amounts of food to actually be successful with body composition change long-term.⁠

The secret is found in changing gut health, which includes both lifestyle changes and the right products. Gut bacteria composition contributes to obesity and weight gain. That is a fact. Building the right bacteria composition reverses obesity and weight gain. Certain key beneficial bacteria are associated with being lean and healthy weight loss.⁠

The Boost Kit was made for people like me that have done various programs with no long-term success. Many of the programs may have worked if I would have⁠ implemented the gut health component to them. Check out the Boost Kit. It was created by a microbiologist gut expert and clinically trained dietitians.⁠

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