4 Steps to Gut Health-probiotics, nutrients, prebiotics, inflammation, digestive enzymes, stomach acid

Much like a healthy garden, a healthy gut should include an abundant variety of keystone (beneficial) bacteria and short chain fatty acids. There are strong physical barriers that protect the gut and any pathogens (harmful bacteria and toxins) that do sneak in get removed daily.

✅While the gut can be affected by many causes, proper nutrient intake, probiotics, and prebiotics are essential for a thriving gut.

👏🏻Probiotics seed the gut with healthy bacteria while prebiotics feed our gut bacteria to encourage the selective growth of microbes.

💊 While food sources are a great source for probiotics, they can be limiting and not providing the levels of bacteria strains needed in the gut. Supplementation such as @silverfernbrand Ultimate probiotic can be helpful.

🫐 Polyphenols are essential for modulating inflammation and metabolic pathways. In the large intestine, they can be transformed to short chain fatty acids (SCFAs).

SCFAs, such as butyrate, play important roles in maintaining gut integrity & human health.

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