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There are 2 parts needed to fully address acid reflux & heartburn - gut health, acid blockers, upper GI Relief

Has anyone noticed that food intolerances and sensitivities seem to go along with reflux/heartburn?⁠
This is because food intolerances and sensitivities trigger reflux/ heartburn. The problem is that food intolerances and sensitivities take longer than a couple months to help address.⁠
Acid blockers are super convenient and cheap. They plug a hole for reflux/heartburn fast. The long-term side effects may not be desirable, but they work quickly. Natural solutions take more time. ⁠
For people just barely encountering reflux/heartburn issues or for those that haven’t jumped into using acid blockers, a plan can be effectively used relatively quickly. ⁠
For those deciding to get off of acid blockers? That process takes more time.⁠
Is there a plan to hit Part 1 and Part 2? Yes! Our gut health plans help address both issues in order.⁠

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