The ulitmate binder: Cleanse - gut health, immunoglobulins, detox

Ultimate Binder? Yes, the ULTIMATE pathogen binder.

Cleanse is "the" dairy-free pathogen binder that does not bind to beneficial bacteria. It helps improve the nutrient absorption of other supplements. Other binders may reduce nutrient absorption. Other binders may affect the absorption of medications. Other binders may bind to beneficial bacteria. Not Cleanse. It only binds to the bad stuff.

Cleanse contains both immunoglobulins and albumin for antigen (pathogen) and heavy metal binding actions. Multiple research studies have proven the binding action of the immunoglobulins in Cleanse.*

Cleanse binds to pathogens. Pathogens then follow normal peristalsis (intestinal flow so to speak) to exit the intestinal tract. This binding action also prevents pathogens from "leaking" out of the intestinal tract and moving into the bloodstream. *

Cleanse is key to helping strengthen gut barrier integrity.*

By binding to pathogens and strengthening gut barrier function, Cleanse may be a great option to help decrease immune activation to help restore healthy inflammatory responses and immune system function. *

Cleanse may be helpful to pair with antifungal and antibacterial probiotics, herbs, antibiotics, etc. for a teardown and soak-up approach to cleaning up your system. *

Specific doses and timelines are shown to be beneficial for different types of issues at different severity levels because not everyone is in the same circumstance.

Note: For those of you with H. pylori and stomach imbalance issues. Please consider using Cleanse outside the capsules. Pull the capsules apart then pour the contents into food or drinks. I use Cleanse this way for my children. They don't even notice it.

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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