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The Traveller's Guide to constipation and diarrhea while travelling - probiotics, immunoglobulins, Upper GI Relief

TBH we were shocked to find that the majority of our friends that we travel with who are normally very regular people get severely
constipated while travelling. What do we suggest?
Load up on the Upper GI Relief. This works every time. The dosing is between 6 and 8 capsules a day for people with severe constipation issues.
Many people get really bad traveler’s diarrhea. What do we suggest?
Load up on the Ultimate Probiotic and Cleanse products (Gut Rehab Kit).
What do Phil and Tiff take while traveling?
We take all 3 (Upper GI Relief, Cleanse and Ultimate Probiotic), especially when traveling out of the country.
If I am going to eat at a local “dive” anywhere (being the foodie I am), I’ll take 4 Cleanse capsules with that meal or right after, every time.
What about people that have stomach troubles and want some food freedom while traveling?
Please consider the Food Freedom Kit.
If there are any questions on any of this, please let me know. I am happy help!

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