The Secret to Stopping the Burn (heartburn/reflux)

There is a reason most protocols and plans for reflux/heartburn fail. They don’t address the whole problem.⁠
I don’t suggest any protocol or plan that doesn’t take into account inflammatory and dysbiosis (bacteria imbalance) issues. If someone comes to me with reflux/heartburn, I will always suggest a plan to address these issues. ⁠
I start with motility and acid secretion then aggressively go after inflammatory and dysbiosis issues. This process is also what’s needed to help with food intolerances and sensitivities too.⁠
What does someone do if they are curious about a plan for reflux/heartburn?⁠
1️⃣ – Start with motility issues⁠
2️⃣ – Help aggressively clean up the gut⁠
3️⃣ – Help address food intolerances and sensitivities (these are triggers for the issues)⁠

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