1+1=5 | The Power of Probiotics and Fiber TOGETHER

You already know that the bacteria in your gut can influence many aspects of your health including digestion, metabolism, immune system and even your mood. Hippocrates said that “All disease begins in the gut.” A truly healthy gut carries a myriad of health benefits.

If you’ve been following Silver Fern™ Brand you already know that Silver Fern™ Brand’s Ultimate Probiotic packs the right strains of beneficial bacteria that are clinically tested, guaranteed survivability and DNA verified.

You also know that getting enough dietary fiber is also critical to maintaining good digestive health.

What you may not know, is the amazing synergy that these two vital supplements have when they are taken together. Fiber is good. Probiotics are good. But together, they hold the key to unlocking the powerful benefits of a truly healthy gut.

The bad bacteria in your gut feed on sugar, and can even make you crave it. The beneficial bacteria in your gut feed on fiber. If you don’t eat enough fiber, the bacteria in your gut get out of balance, which can contribute to all sorts of challenges like leaky gut syndrome, metabolic syndrome, weight gain and the list goes on.

Taking a probiotic, even one as good as the Ultimate Probiotic is a smart choice, but if you really want to transform your gut health, you need to get plenty of fiber every day too. This will help your new bacteria get established, grow and ultimately re-colonize your digestive tract… providing all the benefits that go along with a healthy gut, not the least of which easier weight loss.

Here are just a handful of scientific studies on the benefits of fiber and probiotics together:

The bottom line is the key to restoring gut health, and all the health benefits that go along with it, is not just fiber, and not just a probiotic, but both together. That is the core of the Silver Fern Elevated Plan to restore gut health and better manage weight. Our entire product line is designed to help you get the right probiotics, and help you get the adequate daily fiber you need to feed them.

  • Probiotic SupplementsUltimate Probiotic Supplement and Wai Probiotic Drink Mixes with fiber, are your source for the DNA verified, guaranteed survivability Bacillus family of probiotics. Take with meals during your eating window. Recommend 2 to 3 capsules per day, and 1 or 2 drink mixes per day.
  • Baking MixesPaka baking mixes are low in simple carbs, and very high in fiber and protein. They are an ideal way to satisfy your sweet tooth while getting plenty of fiber that your beneficial probiotics love. They are delicious, filling and make an ideal snack.
  • Fiber SupplementTino Fiber Supplement is a water-soluble fiber that has high digestive tolerability. It’s the favorite food of your probiotics. Make sure you get plenty of fiber. Add to cereals, coffee, tea, smoothies or add to many recipes to increase your fiber intake.
  • Natural SweetenerKakato™ natural sweetener is made from probiotic fiber and probiotic tagatose, a natural sweetener. Use Kakato™ sweetener to sweeten anything. Satisfy your sweet tooth while you feed the probiotics.
  • Snacks & TreatsPopcorn, Chocolates and more. A great treat that is sweetened with Kakato™ They are high in fiber, low glycemic, low net carb and… they contain bacillus strain probiotics too!
  • Protein Shakes – Silver Fern™ Brand Meal Replacement Shakes and Protein Shakes hack a huge amount of probiotic fiber, probiotic tagatose, and protein. They include a proprietary enzyme blend that breaks down protein quickly for maximum protein absorption.

Be sure to check out our easy starter kits that can help you get both the probiotic and the fiber you need to transform your gut health.

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