The mucosal layer needs to be addressed when fixing leaky gut issues - gut health, reflux, heartburn, food allergies, histamine intolerance

Why worry about the mucosal layer? In order for you to fully address the whole of leaky gut issues, you really need to help address the mucosal layer too.

Let's start off with some simple points:
Reflux or heartburn?
🔸Your gastric mucosal barrier (for example) defends against acid.
🔸You really want to sooth that mucosal layer and help rebuild it.
🔸The mucosal defense mechanisms protect the stomach from HCL and noxious agents.

Food allergies?
🔸"The mucosal immune system uses several strategies to prevent inappropriate immune reactivity to harmless antigens derived from the food and microbiota."

Histamine intolerances?
🔸Poor DAO activity is a sign of severe mucosal damage.

The gut protocol you use needs to include full gut barrier support from day 1.

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