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The best way to increase delicate gut bacteria is with amazing prebiotics - gut health

Many of the most critically important probiotics / bacteria that the body needs are not available in probiotic supplement and that if they are they do not survive digestion?
I asked our chief science officer one time why we don’t have an akkermansia probiotic strain. Her response was that they don’t survive digestion even in special coatings and capsules. Akkermansia is best produced in the gut by prebiotics.
You are more likely to find more success increasing probiotic types in the gut like Bifidobacterium by using a prebiotic like PreticX® than using dozens of strains of Bifidobacterium from probiotic products.
Prebiotics are the best way to increase short-chain fatty acids for helping with weight loss, IBD, diarrhea, diabetes, heart health, etc.
Remember, there are good prebiotics and then there are amazing prebiotics. Choose wisely!
If you need a gut health plan or have questions, please let us know. DM us on Instagram @silverfernbrand. Gut health plans are free and come with no obligation.

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