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Smelly gas? It may have to do with your gut! Digestive enzymes & probiotics can help!-FODMAP, protein

Smelly gas? It's not fun for anyone involved.⁠
Since undigested food ferments it causes stinky gas and bacteria imbalances increase production of stinky gas. It only makes sense to help the stomach digest foods completely and improve the gut’s bacteria composition.⁠
Here are some basic suggestions:⁠
When eating a lot of protein, initially consider cutting the protein down or increasing use of protease and peptidase enzymes (Digestive Enzymes) before eating large portions of protein.⁠

Sulfur-containing meats lead to sulfur smelling (rotten eggs) gas.⁠
When the body has too much protein and not enough carbohydrates, proteolytic fermentation happens.⁠ This causes production of cadaverine, putrescine, and skatole, which smell like roadkill/’cadaver”, putrid, and feces. Research shows that oligosaccharide ⁠supplementation (Targeted Prebiotic) can reduce⁠ the production of these gases.⁠
Healthy foods like broccoli, beans, and onions can be a struggle to digest causing smelly farts. A person⁠ may need to cut them down or out. FODMAP enzymes (Bloat &; Gas Relief) are also helpful for breaking⁠ down these foods in the stomach before they enter the digestive tract to prevent smelly gas.⁠
Bacillus spore-based probiotics (Ultimate Probiotic) increase SCFAs and are shown to improve digestion and crowd out unwanted gut microbes that produce smelly gas.⁠
What have I personally seen work? Increase the use of enzymes at the beginning of meals, switch to protein powders without artificial sweeteners, reduce the consumption of protein powders and bars using sugar alcohols, and drop the broccoli. Broccoli seems to be⁠
especially good at producing smelly gas.⁠

(Note: Always take enzymes at the beginning of meals or right before)

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