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The right kind of ashwagandha can be very helpful for anxiety when taken at the right dose and taken for long enough-mental health, gut health

“I’ve taken ashwagandha in the past and it didn’t do anything!!!!” Me too. I had the same experience.⁠ Years ago, I tried a well-known ashwagandha brand with a lot of clinical studies on it. I used it for a⁠ couple weeks then said to myself, “This isn’t doing anything!” Then I quit taking it. ⁠
Here are some basic mistakes I made:⁠
1. Even though I took the right ashwagandha (KSM-66), I didn’t take it at the right dose and for long enough. The clinical studies on most ashwagandha range from 2-12 weeks depending on what benefit a person is looking for. I personally don’t notice anything from even the best ingredients for about 6-8 weeks.⁠
2. Ashwagandha extracts can vary a lot. Sensoril, Shoden, and KSM-66 are top clinically verified ashwagandha ingredients. Choosing one vs another has a lot to do with what outcome a person is looking for.⁠
Sensoril, for example, is the better option for stress (reducing cortisol levels), sleep, and calming.⁠
KSM-66 is probably best for athletes and fitness enthusiasts.⁠

Both types definitely offer crossover benefits, are quality extracts, and have extensive clinical research to support them. Sensoril is also good for strength and endurance and KSM-66 also offers help with stress and anxiety. But KSM-66 is better for promoting sexual function in men and women.⁠
Silver Fern™ Brand chose Sensoril for Quiet Serenity because it is shown to be the best option (from our research teams’ position) for addressing stress, cortisol, sleep, and mood.⁠

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