Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency - gut health, vitamin D, Vitamin K2

Winter causing you to be gloomy? Many see a decrease in vitamin D levels in the winter. Lower Vitamin D levels affect serotonin levels. This makes us all a little gloomy.

It is suggested that about 42% of Americans have Vitamin D deficiencies.

It is suggested that an adult person needs roughly 800 IUs per day of Vitamin D. It is suggested a person should not exceed 4,000 IUs per day of Vitamin D.

It is suggested that Vitamin D3 is a better source of Vitamin D than Vitamin D2.

It is suggested that Vitamin D3 does best with Vitamin K2. They work extremely well together.

It is suggested that the best form of Vitamin K2 is MK-7.

After a ton of research, our team chose MenaquinGold™ to be the top source of Vitamin K2 to pair with Vitamin D3.

If you are looking for a very high-quality Vitamin D product, please consider Silver Fern™ K2D3

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