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Severe constipation and bloating - gut health

There is a method and reason to why we address gut issues in a certain order. The fast answer is that the other ways don’t work.
I’m sure as most of you with severe constipation and bloating may know, quick gimmicks don’t solve the underlying problems of severe constipation and bloating. In fact, in many instances, laxatives cause more bloating.
Constipation is a sign of slow stomach emptying or slow motility. When the gut is slow it is really difficult to clean up. Bloating will be, in part, helped by addressing constipation issues.
I usually associate severe bloating to really bad bacteria imbalances. Really bad bacteria imbalances are best helped by beginning with high doses of immunoglobulins/Cleanse for 8 weeks followed by the immunoglobulins and probiotics together.
Finally, effective products should not form a long-term reliance. If you can’t manage without them, are they really helping solve the issues?


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