Saying goodbye to constipation for good-bloating, digestion, motility

There are many people dealing with chronic, uncomfortable, and problematic constipation. Most people have become reliant on some form of laxative for day-to-day bowel regularity. This has likely caused a reliance on laxatives. Or some people take magnesium at a high dose daily and if they stop taking it, they aren't regular. This is also a problem.
Why is motility a problem? When motility is slow, bad bacteria grow and bacteria overgrowth happens. This is bad. A fundamental part of gut health is good motility.
Constipation is a sign that gut fundamentals are messed up. So, what should one do?
I find that a very high dose of Upper GI Relief coupled with the other supplements mentioned in this post works fantastic. The Upper GI Relief alone can take anywhere from a week to 3 months to really
work depending on the seriousness of the problem.
This dosing is a very high dose, but it is temporary, and it allows one with constipation issues to move on.
Here’s the dosing for Upper GI Relief for this issue:
🔷Moderate constipation:
▪️4 bottles per month
▪️2 capsules before each meal for 3 meals a day
🔷Serious constipation:
▪️8 bottles per month
▪️3-4 capsules before each meal for 3 meals a day
(A person shouldn’t need to do this version for very long to get things working. Maybe 30 days and then drop to the moderate constipation dosing).
Here’s how to buy. Buy 2 of the 4 packs for the first 30 days. After the first 30 days evaluate how digestion is going and if things are feeling better. But generally speaking, after the first 30 days the
moderate dosing should work just fine for the next 2 months.
Once again, this is a temporary high dose to get the system working again. After month 3, a person should be able to decrease to 1 bottle (2 capsules a day) for the next 4 months.
After that, a person should be fine without any help. I do strongly suggest the Ultimate Probiotic starting in month 4. I also suggest working to maintain gut health and digestion. The gut is constantly under attack from stress, foods, medications, etc. It needs to be maintained to prevent future issues.

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