Gluten issues? Some things to consider - gut health, gluten intolerance, digestive enzymes

I have no desire to talk anyone off a gluten-free diet. Nor do I want to suggest that someone that has horrible gluten problems should want to eat gluten.⁠
For people that are convinced that the only way they can live is gluten-free then please continue to do so and don’t leave mean comments. But for those that have gluten problems and would like to not live in fear of gluten this post offers an alternative.⁠
There are enzymes that when taken in the right doses before meals with gluten can break down gluten⁠
in the stomach before issues happen. There is only one type of enzyme that does this.⁠
I find that when a person aggressively addresses gut health many allergies and immune related issues go⁠
down. Addressing gut health issues and the immune system correctly requires much more than loading⁠
up on vitamin C, other vitamins, and various herbs. To calm an overreactive immune system, one needs to do some serious gut damage repair.⁠
There are strains of probiotics that can help a person increase their own production of enzymes to help⁠
address food intolerances. Gluten is a very tough protein to break down. I always suggest as part of any process to address any gut issue one should consider a full gut reconditioning process.⁠
Does this actually work? This has worked for many people that thought they would not be able to have gluten again without major problems.⁠

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