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Many factors contribute to gut health but staying on top of it can make a huge difference - probiotics, prebiotics, cleanse, detxo

We constantly get two contradicting statements from people regarding gut health.⁠
The first comment is something to the effect, “If people would get off their butts and stop being lazy, stop overeating all day, and eat healthy they wouldn’t have gut problems!”⁠
The second comment or message is something like, “I live a very health life, and I have horrible gut issues. I eat healthy – lots of fruits and vegetables. I avoid artificial ingredients and sweeteners. I exercise daily and drink a lot of water. I don’t know what to do.”⁠
Guess what? Stress, viruses and bad bacteria, mold toxins, environmental toxins, chemical toxins, etc. still affect the healthiest people. The healthiest people occasionally have health issues that come up that require medications that can have adverse effects on the gut. ⁠
I try to live as healthy as I can, and occasionally, I get slammed with high stress circumstances. These things happen. The right supplements make it so my health doesn't decline during those periods and they keep my general health in a good spot on a regular basis.⁠
Does unhealthy eating and poor lifestyle choices contribute to poor gut health? Yes. 100%. But the gut⁠
actually contributes to those challenges so in order to change many unhealthy lifestyle choices one needs to get rid of the bacteria telling the mind (Gut-Brain Axis) to do it.⁠
This is where the right supplements come into play. From my experience, healthy people need the right supplements to help them too.⁠
I do not ever suggest “popping pills” alone will change everything. But I highly suggest that taking the right supplements can definitely help change.⁠
Bottom line, the gut affects a lot of our health. It just does. We either help manage it or it will manage us. ⁠

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