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Bloating is caused by just about everything, how to tell what's causing it - gut health, probiotics, constipation, diarrhea, gas

Bloating may be one of the toughest stomach issues to address because it can be caused by almost every digestive issue. What causes bloating? Excessive intestinal gas. ⁠
When bloating happens shortly after eating that’s usually a sign of digestive issues. Digestive issues can originate from everything like low stomach acid and slow motility to insufficient enzyme production and bacteria imbalances. ⁠
People ask, “Can (fill in the blank) cause bloating?” a lot. The answer is “yes” because literally almost everything⁠
causes bloating.⁠
Here’s what I am trying to do with this post, I am trying to help people figure out on their own what’s most likely causing the bloating because once that is realized then it can be addressed to help address the bloating. ⁠
For example, it is very common to hear about bloating with constipation. If constipation or motility issues go away, usually the bloating does as well. ⁠
If a person has a really irritated gut with both diarrhea, constipation, and a lot of other issues then we suggest that by addressing those together the bloating will be addressed.⁠
It is common for a person to have a wide range of combinations of problems causing bloating such⁠
as constipation and food intolerances or diarrhea and intolerances. In a case like this, a person needs to⁠
address the dysmotility (constipation or diarrhea) as well as address the enzyme deficiencies too.⁠
I’m sorry bloating is such a difficult problem to address. It is a puzzle to solve. Please send us a DM if you⁠
have any questions.⁠

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