Long-term help with constipation - gut health, laxatives, laxative-free

Motility is our laxative-free response to constipation issues.

It works by way of 5 functions:*
1) Turning on peristalsis*
2) Hydration*
3) Improving gut barrier*
4) Increasing serotonin production*
5) Restoring a healthy stress response in the system*

Beyond that, it is beneficial to help with the underlying issues that may have caused peristalsis to slow down in the first place: dysbiosis, gut barrier dysfunction, inflammation, low butyrate production, dysfunctional enteric nervous system, dysfunctional vagus nerve, etc.

Here is our approach to gut health starting with slow motility issues:

Step 1 -
Establish motility, open detox pathways, help gut barrier, etc. *

Step 2 -
Clean up the gut (pathogenic bacteria, candida, mold, parasites, mycotoxins, biofilms, heavy metals, etc.) *

Step 3 -
Build up the gut (a wide range of beneficial bacteria types and key gut compounds) *

These 3 steps are all key to long-term regularity. You have to get to the core issues that caused problems in the first place.

When you do get to Step 2 (Clean-Up Step), please stay on Motility while you do that step to maintain regularity while helping reshape your microbiome.

DM us #SlowMotility+ for Step 1 of our approach to gut health when starting with any form of slow motility (constipation, reflux, heartburn, nausea, etc.). *

Motility is not a laxative. Please give it 15 to 30 days on average to start working.

If you have bad constipation and/or reflux/heartburn problems, please choose the moderate to severe option above the Add to Cart button. Please reference the product page (Slow Motility + Protocol Tips) for how to address easing off laxatives and acid blockers.

You can save more than 30% on each order by purchasing on our subscribe and save program (bundle pricing plus 20% subscription discount).

If you have questions, please send us a DM on Instagram @silverfernbrand.

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