Laxatives will worsen long-term constipation - gut health, laxatives, digestion

How is an imbalance in the gut going to be cleaned up when your system is slow and clogged up? It isn’t.

It is normal to immediately think of probiotics when you hear the words “imbalance” and “gut” together. But how are probiotics going to drive out all the bad stuff when your gut is clogged?

You can force out a clogged system, but the issues come back when your system slows down again. There are a lot of probiotic strains that help with constipation. They are a great long-term help with addressing motility issues.

If you have an imbalance in the gut and drop billions of CFUs into the gut, what are the odds are it will hurt like crazy? Pretty high.

What if you're "fine" only because you take magnesium (citrate, oxide, malate, carbonate) every night and feel great? That’s called forced motility. That’s using laxatives. That is not conducive to gut health. That is conducive to long-term reliance and worsening constipation.

Please consider the Constipation Plus Kit. If you have serious long-standing slow motility issues,

Have more severe constipation issues? For the first 30 days add even more of the Regularity-Motility Support product (2 capsules instead of 1) and more Upper GI Relief as well as doing th Constipation Plus Kit for a couple months. Turning on a system that has been turned off for an extended period doesn't happen fast, but it can happen. This kit does not include laxatives (senna, cascara, magnesium, etc). It helps address the underlying issues behind slow motility: inflammatory problems, bacteria imbalances, etc.

If your issues are more upper GI related (reflux/heartburn, nausea, bloating, abdominal aches, etc.) and some constipation I suggest the Reflux Plus Kit. It will also provide the same key ingredients that are in the Constipation Plus Kit to help with constipation but will focus more on the upper GI tract to begin with.

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