If you've been using laxatives for a long time, how do you move away from them? - gut health, constipation, bloating, gas

Once you get stuck on laxatives how do you get unstuck? ⁠

This is the question, right? ⁠

If laxatives are the fast "flip a switch" short-term solution to constipation, then what's the long-term answer? ⁠

Constipation Plus Kit⁠
(If your system is stuck on "off" or runs very slowly please consider additional bottles of Regularity and take additional capsules for the first month)⁠

Why is it so important for us to help you with your constipation issues faster? ⁠

Unclogging the gut is the first step to cleaning it up. You can't clean something up that is clogged, and laxatives don't unclog the gut, they force bowel movements. It's not the same. ⁠

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